Seville orange marmalade. Smell the sunshine!!!

I have made jam many times but never marmalade. The thought of brightening up a January evening chopping up bright orange zesty fruit has always appealed to me. This year I have manage to get hold of Seville oranges while they are available.

My 6 year old daughter enjoyed chopping the oranges in half for me. Immediately we were amazed at how strongly orangey these oranges are. It was a whole kitchen aromatherapy experience. Orange essential oil is renown for it’s uplifting properties, just what you need at this time of year. I think I will smell like this all evening, let’s hope I can sleep. The scent certainly wakes you up! However if you have any cuts on your hands the juice from Seville oranges seems particularly vicious, put a plaster on first!

I am using the recipe from the good food website. So far I have chopped the peel quite thickly with a huge Chinese cleaver which was great fun in itself. The peel is now softening overnight in a pan with the juice, water and a muslin bag of the seeds and pith. Tomorrow I will complete the process and boil up my cauldron. Let’s hope I can find enough jam jars between now and then.



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