Colour therapy granny style.

I have plenty of crochet works in progress (I’m a flitter and find coming up with ideas easier than the sitting still) and this is my latest ‘easy, in front of the telly’ project. A big giant, growing, slightly neon granny square.

I’m really enjoying using ‘rico design essentials cotton dk’ as it is really smooth and silky and the colours are immense! I especially love the neon yellow and the coral and against the backdrop of blues and greys I’m a happy woman! These are the colours of my living room.

I do have an increasing pile of blankets in my living room. They are incredibly useful tools with toddlers. They have the power to make a small child sit still while the television is on. Well I’m sure it must double the bottom on seat contact time…. I must get the stopwatch out and time this scientifically… I’ll get back to you.
The blankets are also frequently used as modestly blankets after a bath or if the truth is told at any time of the day when my children strip off for no reason. The blankets have also doubled up as tents, pirate ships, beaches and of course nests!

This granny blanket is one of my favourites so far. My middle child H (3 and a half years old) says I should stop growing it now because it is just the right size for Ted. But I’m enjoying it far too much to stop now! I’m not quite sure whether to keep the squares equal or let the colours merge as the wool runs out (I hope this makes sense). I’ll show you as it happens. Watch this space, I’ll also try and list the colours & a rough pattern for people new to crochet.




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