Beautiful buckwheat pancakes!

This morning my buckwheat pancakes turned out perfectly. Hooray! With thanks to my new gadget, the nutribullet on grinding mode, which made very fine buckwheat flour. My groats turned instantly into fine flour. Isn’t ‘groat’ a great word! Previously I had struggled to grind the buckwheat fine enough in my food processor so my pancakes where tasty but a bit crunchy in places and didn’t hold together as well. Now this morning these were fine pancakes that tossed in 1 piece.
I used the recipe from the new River Cottage Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall book ‘light & easy’ page 77.

I am eating a wheat free diet at the moment because it helps my ulcerative colitis symptoms. I notice that my joints ache a lot more when I eat wheat. Finding alternatives is an interesting experiment but I can recommend buckwheat because it tastes deliciously nutty and isn’t as grainy as rice flour or coconut flour. In these pancakes buckwheat works wonderfully and all 3 of my young children love them, which really is the ultimate taste test.
Buckwheat is full of nutrients. It contains iron, zinc & selenium which will be very useful for my immune system.
I do wish I had taken a better picture of my beautiful pancakes but I was too keen to gobble them up while they were still warm & before the children ate them all. Wrapped up with honey in the middle.



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